Friday, November 14, 2014

Fairy Gardens

Recently we had vacationed at Disneyland and we took a little boat ride that featured tiny versions of some of Disney's most famous homes and castles.  
This is my friend Snow White's house.  You can see the names outside of all the dwarf's who she roommates with,  listed on the post. 
A tiny Princess Jasmine would be proud to call this home. 
I can just imagine mini Cinderella in the tower looking out the window and dreaming of a better life. 
Here is where Alice chases the White Ranbit down to Wonderland.  
Mr toad's home,  ready for his wild ride.

Now I must admit,  I am not the best at remembering all of these stories but I love everything miniature.   I was blown away from the detail and design of these little treasures.  It made me want to fix up my little fairy garden I made years ago.  
This is my little birdhouse/fairy garden.  A miniature little fence and gate starts the path of little river stones up to the doorway.  
There is a little garden of vegetables.  The  pumpkins and squash were from a fall pick I dismantled and the lettuce and carrots I made from Fimo clay.  
The little wheelbarrow has a bunch of apples and garden vegetables in it ready for harvesting,  also made of clay and hand painted.  It may not be Disney but it's a cute little garden for visiting fairies or birds.   My MIL has a window-well in her basement in front of her sewing table that is decorated in cute gnomes. 
She used to have little gnome friends in the window well but it looks like they have moved inside for the winter. 
She gave me my little birdhouse and she made this darling one of her own for her little elves.    Having tiny little things around to have interesting focal points is just fun.  This spring my little fairy garden will go back outside near my front steps my kids enjoyed seeing it there and pretending that fairies were busy in it having their own tiny adventures. 

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