Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Jannika Bench

Over this summer I was commissioned to make a bench for my friends daughter's birthday.  She wanted a hot pink headboard bench with zebra fabric for the seat.  This is the process:  first we had to sand off the chippy (probably lead) paint.  I did most of the sanding myself but when I got stuck I called in the big guns 😘 aka my husband,  Mr Incredible.  
After he worked his magic on the finishing touches it was time to design the back.  My friend wanted this bench to be unique and special so I designed a pattern so we could put her name on the bench. 
After getting approval for the design I cut it out in vinyl so I could use it as a reverse stencil.  

I painted the back part of the bench black and then when it had dried thoroughly,  I placed the vinyl lettering on top of the paint.  Next it was time to paint the whole bench hot pink.  
I painted the bench pink and then I aged and de-stressed it a little for contrast.  
Then I added the zebra fabric cushion I had made and it was complete.  A fun bench to match a great girl and her fun bedroom's decor.  

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