Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Rolling along

The VW Bus dresser is coming along nicely now. I got the windows, wipers and the headlights on! 
It just has a few more steps and a clear coat before I can call it done. 
I put a VW symbol on top just for fun as well. This little baby has come a long way! 
I couldn't find the hood ornament I wanted, so I cut one out of wood and patched and painted it to look like an authentic one. I was happy to get some use out of my Ryobi bandsaw I purchased early this spring. 
After I glued and wood filled the cuts, it painted up nicely. 
Here it is before the windows and the detail striping. I had just clamped the headlights to estimate the location they would be mounted on. 
I sponged on the top logo and then I went back and did the edge in metallic silver as well. 
Here it is before the lights. 
And here it is again after.  I am going to finish with a few more details but this piece doesn't have an owner quite yet. If you are interested it will be $199 for pickup here in Utah.  Please contact me if it's something you would like in your home.  


  1. This makes me so happy! Never seen anything so cute...except my Coke dresser, of course! Hope you find it the perfect home.

  2. It has been fun to see your takes on the dressers I have done over the years. It makes me happy to know my work inspires others!