Friday, April 24, 2015

Waiting out the rain.

It's been raining here all day.  My workshop is full and I need to clean it up before I can work inside again.  Until then I will show you what I am thinking up.  
I am going to do a dresser that looks like one of these VW buses.  I am kind of a hippie at heart.  My first car was a VW Jetta that I purchased myself and I loved it so much.  I am driving a mom SUV right now and it's a great car but when gas gets too expensive again or the 13 year old beast kicks the bucket, it may be time to get back to my VW roots. 
I mentally have the dresser all mentally planned out, even working headlights!!!  It's going to be cool. I am considering opening an Etsy store someday and starting to sell and ship items.  Right now I just paint for my hobby and for local friends and family.  We will see, I want to keep it fun.  When my hobby fills the house I take my furniture to "Vintage on Main" in Layton, Utah. (a local consignment shop) That way I can have my space back to keep playing. 
I got an inexpensive air brush from Amazon the other day and the paints arrived this afternoon. They are pearl toned and neat.  The blue is amazing, I have to find something to use that color on! 
I would love to get my skills up to do a multicolor project like this bus.  How bright and happy is this bad boy?
It's hippy rainbow friend is cool too.  It makes me want to grab some good friends and take a road trip! 
Look at the cute Pixar pal,  wouldn't he be a fun dresser for a little boy's room? I could totally do that! 
On a smaller scale, I might be able to try out these airbrush colors on a mailbox.  I just like the idea of trying something new.  
If you look on Pinterest or just google VW dresser, there are some cute ones out there. 
I am excited to try and put my own spin on a fun design and to try and make it better. 

Have a great day!  
Love, Lori

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