Monday, April 13, 2015

Table from start to finish

Here is the table back at home and better than ever.  It didn't always look like this.  Here it is when it came to my house. 
These oak tables are a staple in most houses around here.  The yellow finish was worn and tired,  it definitely needed to be spruced up. 
We started with sanding.  Lots and lots of sanding!  I even purchased a new sander to help with the job. 
This is the circular sander from Ryobi that we purchased.  The circular sander works great to sand the top without cutting groves in the wood like a palm sander can. 
I used this detail sander to get the edge by the line. 
It was just enough to cut through the old polyurethane.  Since the stain was going darker we didn't need to completely remove all of the old stain. 
We then took the table outside and sprayed the base and the chairs. My awesome husband is the spray master,  he gets all the credit for the paint on these because his expertise is spraying.  
After I stained the top.  The color is a custom tinted color from Sherwin Williams.  My husband then sprayed all of the top, base and chairs with poly acrylic by Minwax. 
I like using this because it dries beautifully and quickly.  The top did not get a thick enough coating from just spraying so we did do sanding between by hand with 400 grit sand paper and applied coats with a wide foam brush.  
There was a couple of touch ups that we needed to do so we used this touch up pen and added another coat of poly.  It looked great! 
Here it is out on my lawn,  all chairs and base matching and looking brand new! A big difference from how it looked in the beginning.  
Thanks for reading,  I appreciate all of the comments and likes you have been giving me. 

Have a great day! 
Love, Lori 

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