Monday, April 27, 2015

Little girl glam.

So my friend brought me over this desk and chair to repaint for her little girl.  
Her daughter is in that pre-teen stage and wanted a bit of a style update.  
I like to start out each piece by filling the drawer handle holes on ones we may not use again. When doing an older piece, I have found that most modern knobs have different spacing. It's easier fill the holes and then find knobs you love than to try to patch and repair later.
I mixed up a chalky primer and coated it.  I then I came back and sprayed all sides with light spray coats for a nice finish. 
After it was dry (I recommend at least overnight) I put the new hardware on.  
Here she is.  The knobs are way more glitzy in person.  The texture is a smooth nice finish and it's all ready to be in a girl's room. 
Just in case touch ups become necessary, I am sending her home with a little jar of matching paint.  I have little girls myself and I know with use, it may get scratched or dented. 

This is a close up of the sparkly gold knob.  It certainly adds the touch of glamour to the pink.
Thanks for checking out my blog today.  If you are in Utah and would like a quote on sprucing up a piece of furniture, please message me. 

Thanks, Lori

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