Saturday, April 11, 2015

Daydreaming in design

I spend much of my life daydreaming, I always have.  In school I would have my German teacher yelling at me in her Finnish-German mix because I would be staring out the window and being lost in thought. I have always loved art and design and I still find myself daydreaming for long periods of time.  Today my daydreams are about NYC loft apartments.  
The classicly gorgeous and ridiculously expensive places I can only glimpse on TV.  This one with the clocks was on an episode of Selling NY.  I think its price tag is ten billion and a half, or something just as outrageous and out of reach to kids like me.  
The closest I have is this cool clock I paid about $120 for online and I had to bolt the pieces together.  I love this clock!  Someday I plan to make a faux brick wall to mount it on.
What I love about NY apartments is things like exposed brick, industrial lighting and clean lines and colors. 
Add wood floors and artwork and it feels very swanky to me. I like it very much! 
My inlaws have a brick wall in their basement,  they had it installed with some built in glass that looks like old pub windows. It feels like you are walking into an old pub like Cheers.  It takes a boring old wall at the bottom of the stairs and it makes you feel like you're walking into a secret underground city.  It's fun!  I wish I had a photo on my phone.....  Next time. 
We are just renting right now but someday we will buy another home.  I have a lot of time to daydream on how I would like to decorate.  Today it's NYC loft and industrial style,  tomorrow it might be Victorian Steampunk.
  (That was my husband's guess when I made him guess the style I would like to do) 

Show me your style,  I would love to hear about it!  

Love, Lori

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