Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Jumping from one to another

As most of you know,  I can't sit still.  I can't just do one project at a time either.  There is nothing worse than having time to work, but not doing anything because you are waiting for paint to dry.   Here are the two I am working on right now.  
I have this dresser that is going to look like a vintage soda machine.  It's for my Mother in Law's back covered deck.  When it's all done it will hold her picnic supplies and BBQ tools.  
I am using silver gilders paste to turn the gray paint into more of a chrome shiny look.  Here is what I am doing on these Coke knobs to turn them from brass to silver. 
I have also been finishing up the table and chair set I have been working on. 
Here is the table right now.  Today it will be getting an additional coat of the cherry stain to make it a shade darker and redder.  I think it is looking awesome! 
You can see how rich and dark even the first coat looks from the bare, sanded wood. 
I am hoping that this week I can have the soda machine and the table and chairs all done.  They shared primer and they share a final step as well and that is a nice solid clear coat to protect them.  The soda machine will be outside (but in a very protective spot) and I want it to hold up under wind and dust.  The table and chairs is for a family with kids and kitchen chairs and tables take a lot of friction and spills.  I want the finish to last well for many years!  I will have more of a step by step tutorial for both projects coming up.  
My husband also followed my ottoman tray tutorial and made one for his moms birthday.  Great Job Geoff!  

Have a happy and productive day!
Love, Lori

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