Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Real Wall

Here is another project for the Parade of Homes., I was able to help with
  This family is very into sports, especially soccer.  Danielle with Cahoon interiors designed a fun room with that in mind. 
She picked out fun colors and textures to go into this adorable boys bedroom. My part of the room was to paint the soccer logo and grain stripe on this brick wall. 
  I have done murals before but this was my first on brick. It was something I really wanted to do. Several months ago I posted about what designs I want to do in my future home using brick.  Here is a link to that post if you are curious. http://2spruceup4me.blogspot.com/2016/03/bricks-and-lofts.html  (You probably will need to copy and paste the web address, I couldn't get it to attach the link.)
Here is the room during construction. I think it's fun to see the before and after shots of any piece.  
I like to take pictures during the mid-process as well, just to show some of the detailing that goes into the work. 
  I really enjoy how it turned out. I love that aged brick look that we achieved in the final result after it was weathered and distressed. 
Thanks Danielle for this fun project. 
Here is the floor decal as well I was able to help with. My sister Michelle was able to get me connected with a designer at her work and together we made this happen.  (Thanks sis!)
It added a pop of fun color to this beautiful sports court. Pure Haven Homes and Cahoon Interiors did a great job with build and design. 

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