Sunday, June 12, 2016

Map wall

My friend Danielle, with Cahoon Interiors asked me to help her design a metal map for a curved wall in the Parade of Homes. 
We walked the house together when it was just at its studs discussing ideas and shapes. Having a curve in the wall could pose a challenge. 
Also doing too much detail or too little could also not make it work out right.  These are some of the prototypes I sent in to Brian at Critical Laser.
We worked with Brian to make it just right. This is the final scale and shape we came up with. 
They were able to roll the metal to match the shape of the wall and drill holes to attach to the studs. 
  Here is the mock up of where the holes would be drilled. (You have to look closely to see the map outline.)
We spent time at their shop looking over their work and patina's. They are an amazing company and I would love to have more items done there in the future. 
Danielle decided to go with the patina acid wash on the metal. I think it turned out fantastic! 
From studs to finished work, I think it looks great! 
It gives the room a lot of texture and appeal.  I was happy to help Danielle with her vision for this space. 

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