Monday, May 4, 2015

North Star

I have worked on this old nightstand for awhile now.  It's still not all the way done but it's getting close.  
Here it is today.  Here is the old girl when I began a few months ago. 
I think it looks a little neater now, what do you think? 
I started by cutting out a vinyl design on my Silhouette Studio.  I then wood burned the image onto the wood table top. 
I then colored all of the compass and  I did an overall dark stain with Americsn Finishes Java Gel stain.  I liked it but I wanted to fade it out just a bit.  
The top is the more faded out look.  I did go back in later and apply more stain. 
When I had that big primer day, this was one of those pieces I primed with several other pieces. 
Then I went in and I sprayed it all "old white" color.  I used the Annie Sloan color and I had Home Depot match it in Behr paint because spraying chalk paint doesn't work well but I wanted the same color.  When requested I do use Original Annie Sloan but it's one I paint on without a sprayer. 
I sprayed the handles in Rustoleum in Oil Rubbed Bronze finish.  It still needs another day or two of work. (and a few more screws for the handles)  once I spray one more finish coat on the sides and clear coat the top it will be done but I just wanted to show it to you today. 

Have a great day, 

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