Wednesday, May 13, 2015

This little light of mine

I found this pretty light at Lowe's hardware the other day on clearance and I knew I had to get it. 
With tax it came to $24.01 and I thought the flower shape would be perfect for my little girls room.  I haven't done a lot to make their room very interesting.  I have one dresser I painted that they share. 
These are the drawers of the dresser in their room.  Here is the before & after picture. 
I did go back with the silver guilders paste and lighten the hardware.
Here is the light installed, I think it's beautiful!  We saved the original flush mount light to re-instal when we move since we are renters. This was my Mother's Day gift to me.  I would love to buy my girls "Beddy's" zipper bedding to make their bunk beds easier to make.  (It's on my wish-list.)
These are the type of bedding I would like to buy for them.  They are a local Utah company that I am not affiliated with but I drool over their designs.  The best part is they have zippers on both sides of the bedding so kids can zip it up like a sleeping bag. 
They even do grown-up sizes! They have Queen ones and soon they are launching King sized bedding.  I have a King sized bed and I might actually make my bed everyday if it only involved zipping.  They have an online website and they are starting to sell them at RC Willey stores so I am watching/waiting for a great sale. I am thinking Christmas would be cozy with these.  Other than getting a new light, I have been taking it easy. I just had another operation (low back nerve ablation) and although it's helping, I am not quite ready for work in the shop. 

I hope you enjoy something beautiful today!

Love Lori

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  1. What a great idea! I've been wanting to redo the bedding on the bunk beds in the playroom...gotta watch out for these!