Friday, March 11, 2016

Shopping trip

I went with my good friend Scott to Ikea. It's always fun to spend time and have lunch with him.  I needed a $.99 utensil divider and I found tons of fun lighting and decor ideas for the future house. 
I really liked these chrome pendant lights. They are really affordable at $19.99. They also have a larger size that would be perfect for over a dining room table.

  My favorite lighting is made by The American Rust Company in SLC Utah. If I had an endless budget, I would have him design some custom lights with me. Maybe I can start with just one, sooner than later? 
Here's one of his creations that I love. I would make a few changes (to match my house and taste) but overall the style is so fun! His art is on my dream wish list. Until then, there are a few other Ikea designs I like. 
These bulbs are funky and fun! I'm sure I could make these work somewhere for that price. 
For the display the had the bed with 10 of these lights hanging above. I like the look but temptation would be overwhelming for me to swing the bulbs into each other. 
I don't have any copper colors in my place. It will be woods, gray wall paint and white trim. If I did, I would get one of these. The reflection of the light with the copper was stunning in person.  One light I did purchase today was the disco ball light. It's on a power cord so you don't mount it in the main bedroom bracket. When it's plugged in, it shines disco colored reflections around the room. My oldest will be 10 Saturday and she has asked for a disco/DJ themed bedroom for our new home. The light was her birthday gift at $35. 
My other daughter wants an elegant bedroom with a crystal chandelier. I told her to start saving her pennies and she also has a birthday coming up. 
Her favorite was this Home Depot one but they also had less-expensive options at Lowe's. 
My goal is to keep it affordable. I don't want to finally move into our new home and then to overspend on accessories. I am doing beautiful, on a budget. 
My kids would love this fun and funky light. I enjoyed all of the styles we saw. This red light would be great with cut out vinyl spots,  to look like mushrooms! Not the look I am going for but fun nonetheless. 
Or it would be fun with a Coke theme too. I would love to go to design school and be paid to shop for these things. Helping someone make beautiful rooms for their home or office, would be ideal. 
Our future kitchen will be this exact layout but with different colors. We will have white distressed cupboards, black countertops and the blue glass backsplash. I may paint the walls in the kitchen the same blue as the backsplash tile? 
That is still in the thought process. I did find an affordable bar stool solution. IKEA had some stools for a great price. 
I still might get some wood ones off of the classifieds that match my kitchen table. I'm still in that planning process. Again, not spending much money but going for a beautiful and sophisticated look. 
Since there are only the four of us: this basket system might be a decent laundry room idea. We could label a basket for each person and then put the basket on their beds to have them fold and put their 
clothes away.  

  Thanks for checking out what I am up to. I am going to keep pricing things and work on design ideas. I'm excited for the mental drawings I have for my future entry storage and garage mud room space. More to come. 

Love, Lori

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