Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Moving day is coming!

  We are moving! I'm really excited about it. We had to sell our house and rent for the last three years due to medical bills, for both my husband and I.  We are both feeling strong and healthy now, so we are excited to put down some roots.
This little green stake will be my future home spot. I'm nervous but thrilled. 

  We have looked at dozens of homes (both this year and last year) but the timing wasn't right, or the homes didn't work.  We have found a perfect building lot and a house plan in our budget, so we will be moving in August or September.  Hopefully earlier if the permits go through quickly, but that's not likely.  Now for the fun stuff, how to decorate! 
I am a huge fan of industrial furniture. I am also a big fan of soft and plush vintage styles. 
I am hoping to marry the two styles together on a very tight budget. I have been collecting French chairs and a sofa from second-hand sources. I have been volunteering in the wood shop at the local High School all winter and my carpentry skills have been improving as well.  Most things I will build, or upholster myself, for the furniture and accessories. 
Many of the details we haven't worked out yet, but the kitchen colors may go in this direction. I love the high contrast between the dark counter tops and the white cupboards. It looks great with the industrial chrome lighting! 
I picked up six of these chairs from the classified ads for $30 total. 
  I will refinish them with an old oak table in my garage, they will look brand new when done!  I re-finished some for my friend and these will be very similar. My chairs and table base will be white distressed with possibly a bit of blue in the center of the base. (the tile color) The top stain will also be a darker walnut color. 
  The picture below I did for a friend. She chose a light green/white paint with a cherry top. I love how it looks. 

  I went and looked at tile. Our kitchen won't have much backsplash area so I can have a bit of fun with it. 
I'm loving the sky blue. It's my favorite color (and the color of my husband's eyes.)  The subway tiles are not too expensive so they might be the winner. 
I love these turquoise Moroccan style ones but at $26 a square foot they are well above my price range and about 3x the subway tile price.  
This is an example of the look I am going for. My cupboards will be a antique distressed white & countertops will be a bit different but a gorgeous black granite. The home builder has granite as a standard feature or else I wouldn't be able to splurge on this feature right now. 
I want to do bright a cheery color for the laundry room. Laundry is my least favorite job so if it looks pretty, I will want to be in that room more often right?  So many ideas! 

  In the months ahead I will post pictures of my progress with the house and with the progress on making my old furniture look new. That way I can move into a new house with the look of new furniture but not break the bank. 

Have a great day!  Love, Lori 

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  1. How exciting Lori, I remember 14 years ago when we were in the position as you are now. The choices you are making for your decor are classic and timeless, they will be in style 10 years from now. It makes me happy that your family will be moving I into your forever home!!! Congrats...