Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Bricks and lofts

I've always liked the NYC loft look. 
Exposed brick can be so beautiful inside a home or office. As I am planning on decorating styles for my future home, I would love to have this look somewhere. 
I like this look on the staircase. It reminds me of my in laws basement. They installed a beautiful brick wall in their basement. It makes you feel like you are walking down to Cheers or down into a subway station. It's very beautiful!

  I don't have the money to do real brick but I have been reading and watching YouTube videos on how to use tape and joint compound to make a faux brick wall. 
After you make the brick lines with tape, you apply the mud and remove the tape while it's still wet. Then you use colors to faux finish it the way you wish. 
Some of my favorite ones have logos on them like you would see in a city street. I have so many fun ideas and things I would like to try. I definitely would start with a small space and see how it turns out.  Even one bathroom wall adds so much charm and character. 
We will see what happens. For now it's so much fun to daydream!  The brick look definitely goes with my industrial look I am hoping to go for in part of the house. 

Have a great day! 
Love, Lori 

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